Our Community of Producers

Pomelo’s producers are a community of forty groups, families and individuals who, as disadvantaged people, artisans or small businesses have taken a new opportunity to build fulfilling, healthy and sustainable livelihoods. The backgrounds of producers range from HIV positive women to small farmers, from aspiring students to an old man teaching ancient ethnic weaving patterns. There’s room for everyone: women, men, children and orphans; young and old; gay, transgender and straight; Christian, Buddhist and Muslim; blind and disabled; artist and activist… They come to Pomelo with an idea and determination and Pomelo supports them to give shape, space and style to their dreams.

All producers aim to overcome exclusion, disability and poverty but their specific goals change lives in a huge variety of ways. These include providing health treatments for fellow HIV/AIDs sufferers, supporting children through education, creating alternative livelihoods for struggling farmers, reintroducing traditional craft making skills, starting a small businesses, making crafts from recycled plastic to raise environmental awareness and offering an income and independence for single mums and people with disabilities.

They achieve these goals by creating a unique collection of Myanmar handicrafts.